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  • Name: 김정훈 / Kim Jeong Hoon (Kim Jung Hoon)
  • Also known as: John Hoon
  • Chinese name: 金桢勋 / Jin Zhen Xun
  • Profession: Actor, singer and model
  • Birthdate: 1980-Jan-20
  • Height: 179cm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Star sign: Aquarius
  • Blood type: AB
  • Family: Older brother and older sister
  • Company: Eight Peaks

TV Series

TV Series Theme Songs



  • Cafe Seoul (2009)
  • DMZ (2004)
  • Shut Up! (2004)



  • Debut: As leader and lead vocals for the K-group 'UN' (United N-Generation), a group he was a part of from 1999 to 2006
  • Education: Seoul National University, majoring in Dentistry; transferred to Chung-Ang University, majoring in Acting
  • Religion: Buddhist
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, computer games, and pool/billiards
  • On April 15 2006, he, along with singer Chae Yoon, hosted a concert held by CJ Media celebrating their business opening in Japan.
  • He released the solo album, "Five Stella Lights", in Japan on 2006-Oct-25 under the moniker John Hoon, and held a successful concert on 2006-Dec-12.

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